Introducing the exquisite Maserati Quattroporte twin-turbo V6 executive 4 passenger sedan.

This lavish vehicle is a masterpiece of sophistication, aesthetics and elegance. Exquisite Italian black silk interior, top class materials combine to generate an absolute masterpiece of taste and refinement.

Despite its impressive size, the Quattroporte manages to maintain a balanced and dynamic appearance – from the restyled Maserati grille at the front to its LED light clusters at the rear.

Newly designed front and rear bumpers give the car even greater authority and presence, whilst the marque’s traditional three air vents are featured along the sides. Frameless doors then manage to give this executive saloon the appearance of a sleek coupé.

The Quattroporte’s familiar triangular C-pillar, the celebrated Saetta logo, is another nod to the car’s innate sporty character, as are the quad chrome tailpipes and the integral boot spoiler, which generates downforce at high speeds. Its aerodynamics are unsurpassed, thanks in part to its flat underbody and also to a clever Air Shutter behind the front grille that controls the passage of air through the radiator and reduces drag.

Also available to hire is the Maserati Gran Cabriolet Convertible (3 passengers)